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ME_45The new edition of Marketing Edge magazine has produced by us.

THE LAGOS STATE GOVERNOR, BABATUNDE Fashola has urged lawmakers to activate the legislation empowering states to generate its own electricity and distribute to its residents. In his speech at the state’s Electricity Board at the Old Secretariat, Ikeja during the official commissioning of the 8.8 Megawatts Mainland Independent Power Project, a project intending to ensure stable supply of electricity to both state and federal government establishments.

The governor be… get a copy of the magazine or click here to read more.

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AISEN 10th Anniversary Festival

1AISEN is the Association of International School Educators in Nigeria. It provides a forum through which members access training, advice, and practical assistance where required. The networking opportunities enable professional educators to share, help and support on both professional and personal matters. Click image to experience the design.

As part of their activities, AISEN organises termly academic and non academic, sporting and cultural events for pupils of member schools to participate in. These events follow clear guidelines and rules. This initiative has proved to be a wonderful landmark in the history of International Schools in Nigeria.

Leading the way, together

(I)    To foster and increase understanding of and commitment to international and intercultural education.
(ii)    To promote unity and cooperation amongst member schools.
(iii)    To support and improve the quality of teaching and learning in all international schools.
(iv)    To broaden the dimension of education of AISEN member schools in the interest of a total programme of education.
(v)    To cooperate with other organizations and individuals pursuing the same or similar objectives as AISEN.
(v)    To engage in activities appropriate to the achievement of its educational and charitable objectives.
(vi)    To offer a clear commitment and record towards best practice in examinations.
(v)    To liaise with the Ministry of Education at federal and state levels, and examination bodies at state, federal and international levels and to set baseline standards for international schools in Nigeria.

To foster cooperation between international schools leading the way together

(I)     To foster understanding, cooperation and mutual support between international schools within Nigeria, through teacher training programmes.
(ii)    Cultural, Sporting and Intellectual Programmes, Festivals and Competitions, pursuing the highest possible standards.
(iii)    Creating a network of school leaders.
(iv)    Annual conferences.
(v)    Liaison with British Council and other examination boards.


Mrs Titilola Ekua Abudu                     President
Greenwood House School

Mr Harry McFaul                          Vice President
Greensprings School

Mr William Pope                             Honorary Member

Mrs Ukoh Michelle                         Member
First New Generation Centre

Mr Derek Smith                              Member
Olashore International School

Mrs Oluwadamilola Chinedum                Member
Corona Secondary School

Mr Graham Stothard                        Member
Grange School

Dr Olukemi Anthony Adeola                     Treasurer
Global International College

Mrs Olutundun Olukeye Adetoye                 Executive Secretary
Redeemer’s International Sec. School

Nokia Excites Customers with the launch of three ‘Iced’ Devices

Nokia has expanded its highly successful range of Asha devices with the addition of three new phones known as the Nokia Asha ICE range; Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 which come encased in a glamorous and beautiful crystal layer.

The devices launched in Lagos, Abuja, Benin and Port Harcourt simultaneously feature a new unique innovation known as layered design, achieved using the ‘dual shot’ technique which is unique to Nokia. It combines an inner layer of bold, bright colour surrounded by crystal-clear transparency. The combination adds a distinctive look to the phone’s monobody design, as well as durability.

Head of Marketing, Nokia West and Central Africa, Deborah Shepard said the new devices will be available for Nigerian customers in Easy Swap dual SIM and single SIM variants. She noted that the Easy Swap Dual SIM technology which is unique-to-Nokia allows people to switch between SIM cards on the go, to get better tariffs or alternate between SIM cards for SMS, voice and data, without having to turn off the device. Read more.

Marketing Edge Magazine Celebrates 10years

Behold the anniversary logo!

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Happy #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay Celebration

armed forces day

Echoes from the Lagoon

1Echoes from the lagoon is a three act play, written by Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, which described the society at the time it was written. The play kicks off by looking into the life of  Tanko and his mother Adunni showing the manner in which they struggled to live in a very corrupt society – a society where nothing was done for free without receiving or giving a bribe. Tanko relates to his friend Tenten how he was asked to pay twenty pounds for a ten-pound per month job. Tanko’s life reveals a number of vices. The play also portrays the affluent life of Erinla, a rich chief who is a transport magnate and his spoilt daughter.

The playwright uses the characters in the play to portray a corrupt society and the presence of clan stratification, oppression, greed as well as showing that destiny can take its cause at any point in time. This is revealed in the life of Comfort who is of the upper class falling in love with Tanko who is poor and definitely not in her social class and Tenten the newspaper vendor who later became very rich.

Erinla is seen as a gold digger who marries a lunatic for money and later allows her to jump into a lagoon without making any attempt to rescue her. The play comes to an end when Erinla commits suicide by setting all his belongings on fire including himself simply because all his secrets had been revealed thus leaving his daughter penniless.

The play was acted by the students of the best international secondary school in Nigeria, Olashore International School, Iloko Ijesa.








Happy Holidays!

Sheeps_Xmas_Tree_by_bsignMerry Christmas to all our clients. We wish you the best of the holidays and Year 2014!

OHL 2014


Outdoor Advertising in a Digital Age

meROADSIDE BILLBOARDS, posters on buses and under flyovers as well as ads in airport terminals constitute a type of publicity known as out-of-home or outdoor advertising. This form of advertising was considered to be the dull end in the advertising industry. But all that is now in the past. The falling price and improving quality of flat-screen displays has meant that static posters printed on paper are being replaced by snazzy digital commercials with moving pictures, sound and sometimes interactive features. As some advertising media, especially newspapers, see their audiences fade, streets, airports and other public spaces with more potential viewers than ever are increasingly being adorned with digital billboards.

This is good news to advertisers who constantly talk about wanting to “engage” with consumers. And so, they are taking great interest in the potential for interactivity that digital technology will bring to their marketing efforts. This desire of advertisers, perhaps, explains why the man who runs the international operations of Clear Channel, the American firm which is one of the largest out-of-home ad companies globally, William Eccleshare, thinks that more than 90 per cent of its business will be digital by the decade’s end in some countries.

Interestingly, Eccleshare’s arch-rival, Jean-Charles Decaux, head of France’s JCDecaux, agrees that there will be a significant switch to digital, but mainly inside airports, railway stations, shopping malls and other controlled environments. Ads in bus shelters and other outdoor spots at risk of vandalism will take a lot longer to move away from paper, Decaux submits. On the home front, General Manager of Invent Media, Nigeria’s leading Out-of-Home advertising agency, Mr. Olaseinde Orogun agrees with these views, saying the introduction of digital technology has revitalized the practice of outdoor advertising in the country and made the industry to glow again.
He adds that digital outdoor has generated tremendous positive reaction on the part of clients. “Clients are really buying into this technology because it is just perfect and in tune with driving brand objectives. Campaign can break within minutes; turnaround time for beaming advert is very good when compared to posting of flex as there is no cost of production of flex material, just simple CD or flash drive will do or creative sent via internet.  No time wasted waiting for material to be printed, and so on. Clients are now beginning to believe that they are getting value for money spent. So digital outdoor has really made outdoor to be vibrant somehow.”

MagnaGlobal, a media researcher, predicts that worldwide spending on out-of-home advertising will expand faster growth than that seen for other non-digital forms of advertising. Spending on digital billboards and posters is expected to double in the next five years to $5.2 billion, says the researcher. Although reliable data may be hard to come by in Nigeria since many adspend still escape the notice of regulatory authorities and political or personal adverts are rarely captured in ad figures, the growth of digital posters is bound to grow exponentially because they offer enormous potential for making advertisements more effective.

With digital billboards, advertisers can tailor their pitch to the time of day or react to events as they happen. Then there is “gladvertising” and “sadvertising” in which billboards with embedded cameras, linked to face-tracking software, detect the mood of each consumer who passes by, and change the advertising on display to suit it. The technology matches movements of the eyes and mouth to six expression patterns corresponding to happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise and disgust. An unhappy-looking person might be rewarded with ads for a sun-drenched beach or a luscious chocolate bar while those wearing an anxious frown might be reassured with an ad for insurance.

Nonetheless, not everybody shares the opinion that digital outdoor is the next big thing. Arguing that because outdoor is advertising that is seen by chance and comprehended only after pausing for a few minutes to appreciate the meaning of the advert, a practitioner who wishes not to be named says the changing of adverts on digital boards confuses people. He adds that, “normally, you do not purposely go out to see billboards and that is the reason it can be categorised as a reminder. For instance, if Coke, Gulder or Airtel adverts are displayed in quick succession on a digital board in one day and tomorrow you also come back to that spot, but instead of seeing Coke, you see Gulder and other adverts changing one after the other. Digital billboard is for a different purpose and I stand to be proved wrong.”

Not done with his criticism of digital outdoor, the practitioner explains that “digital board can be very tricky because when you are watching a 30 seconds advert during a TV programme, you are watching that advert because you are awaiting the continuation of the programme and while you are waiting you will see that advert many times because they want consumers to get to know about the products. Digital billboard is different. When you are on the road, the level of your concentration on an advert on digital board is very low. Then, the percentage of visibility of the advert to you is reduced.

“My idea about it is to take them out from the major highways and mount them in places like departmental stores, national stadium and cinema where people can view them and be engaged for some minutes. That means the digital billboards on the road cannot be effective like those in the places I mentioned. Another area to consider is that it is too dangerous to mount digital board on the roads, and if at all it is going to be on the road, it should be at the junction where people can stop. This is because it can easily distract drivers’ attention and this can lead to accident. Even in China, you do not see digital billboards on expressways. Go to Dubai, they still have static boards on expressways for safety reasons. We agree that digital billboard is a new development in out-of-home but the application in our environment has to be overhauled.”

To make the publication a robust one, MARKETING EDGE spoke to leading practitioners in the outdoor advertising in Nigeria. The interview sessions were educative and entertaining. Practitioners bared their minds on issues relating to the industry and proffered solutions to challenges facing the practice of outdoor advertising in the country. By engaging regulatory authorities through the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN), players in the sector are successfully addressing issues of multiple taxation, quackery and indiscriminate entry into the profession. Although this challenge is not peculiar to the sector, with the advent of digital billboards, practitioners now talk about the excessive cost of maintaining the billboards due to poor supply of electricity by the Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria.

This concern was also echoed by most of the respondents in a survey carried out by MARKETING EDGE in which we sought to get the views of advertisers and media buyers on whether outdoor advertising is delivering desired value to brands or not. The following pages will reveal more on the views of practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

On the African scene, there are evidences that the Out-of-Home industry is becoming an innovation hub as practitioners are becoming more creative in the business. Essentially, they ensure that brand owners get maximum visibility mileage on their hoardings. Also, they have developed a more revolutionary means of promoting and enhancing the environment through new technologies in the industry.
As the players perfect the acts of making the brands interact more with consumers through the new products on offerings in the out-of-home sector, brand owners on the other hand are leaving no stone unturned in investing heavily in the sector. Nowadays, consumer spending and confidence have improved thereby leading to more businesses for the out-of-home players.  The implication is that, brand owners are getting industry value added on out-of-home advertising expenditure.

Consequently, out-of-home advertising players have become more innovative and creative in the production of digital billboards and digital displays.  Most exciting and delightful these days are the aesthetic, value added and environmental friendliness of new technologies such as high-definition video displays and the brilliant use of LEDs, by the out-of-home practitioners.

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